Now Serving #250

"Reverse the Curse!"

Friday May 13th 2022


  • All designs are linework only and will be a flat rate of $31 plus a mandatory $7 lucky tip for your artist. This deal applies to our pre-drawn flash ONLY.

  • All designs are a pre-set size. You will be able to view the size of each piece in our window display the day of the event.

  • This will be a cash only event, ATM on site.

  • The queue is digital, meaning your spot is not secured in line until you submit your waiver. We do this to avoid the need to sit in a physical line, and to free up the parking lot for the other businesses in the plaza.

  • Once you fill out your waiver you will go to the front desk to verify your spot in line and receive your queue number. It is important to provide us with a good contact phone number when you fill out your waiver, this is how we will let you know your turn is coming up. We will be keeping the website and our Instagram updated every 30 minutes or so on what numbers we are serving to help give you an idea of wait times. If you are not in the vicinity when it is your turn you will lose your spot in line. If you do not answer the phone when it is your turn we will move on to the next person in line. You will receive one curtesy call (typically within 5-10 minutes of initial call) before loosing your spot in line.

  • We will not be making calls after 11pm, you must check in at the front desk and be physically present if you still wish to receive a tattoo after that time. If you don't want us to call you after a certain time and would prefer to roll over to the next day, please let us know so we can remove you from the call list.

  • If you decide to drop out of line, please give us a courtesy call or let one of our on site staff know so we can remove you from the call roster. This will help us keep the line moving.

  • You can choose up to three tattoos per wait in line.

  • Arms, legs, and upper torso only! If you have another placement you want, it will be up to your artist's discretion.

  • You will not be able to request a specific artist for this event, you will be put with the next artist available.

  • We are not accepting appointments ahead of time, you must come in person the day of the event to secure your spot in line.

  • If you are unable to get tattooed the day of the event, we will be offering rollover appointments for Saturday the 14th. You must have been on the roster on the 13th in order to qualify for a rollover appointment! Saturday rollovers will be done on a first come first serve basis and you will need to re-fill out your application in order to get back on the digital queue. Last call for Saturday rollovers will be at 6pm.